Three Thrillers I DNF’d

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Recently, I have realized that recommending great books also means sharing your honest opinion on books you did not enjoy. My favourite genre to read from is Mystery/Thrillers, which is a genre that usually features a lot of polarizing novels. Some people absolutely adore a handful of thrillers, while others can have horrible opinions on that same handful. During my recent reading slump, I tried to trek through some popular mystery/thriller novels, and unfortunately these three really did not work for me. This does not mean that I will never pick them up, but I don’t foresee myself reading them all the way through anytime soon.


The first thriller I DNF’d recently was The Other Woman by Sandie Jones. I know a lot of people love this thriller, but I could not seem to get really into it. I found it really slow and boring. While I did not bother to even predict the ending, I thought of some elements of it, and if they were true, I had no interest in continuing it.


The next thriller (horror?) novel I did not finish was The Hiding Place by C.J. Tudor. This was one did not hold my attention span nearly as much as The Chalk Man (also by C.J. Tudor), therefore I chose to put it down. I also frequently read a lot at night, and this one was just a tad to scary for me to continue reading nightly!


The last thriller book I DNF’d recently was You Are Not alone by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. This is their newest release and third collaborative book. I picked this one up on a whim at Indigo, and was really enjoying it initially. However, by the middle of the novel, the pace had yet to pick up and I found it really slow. I know there first book had excellent reviews and very high praise, but it seems like each book after that one has yet to reach the same ratings.


Those are the three thrillers I DNF’d recently. Have you read any of these? Let me know your thoughts on them in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Three Thrillers I DNF’d

  1. I wish I had DNF-ed most of these! I think that I ended up liking The Hiding Place ok, but only after I decided to think of it as a horror novel and not a thriller. The other two were ones that I found really disappointing. I think you totally made the right decisions on these!

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