Library Book Haul #1

Welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading!

As I mentioned in an Instagram post earlier this week, I am going to start using my local public library a lot more frequently as I do not have enough space on my bookshelves to keep purchasing/acquiring so many books! I used to love going to the library, and plan on visiting it a lot in the near future. I recently placed quite a few books at hold on my libraries’ website, and went to pick them up a few days ago.


The first book I picked up was THE CHALK MAN by C.J. Tudor. As you should know, my favourite genre is adult mystery/thriller, and I have been recommended this book by quite a few of you recently! If you look in the top left corner of the book, you may see a bookmark sticking out, as I am currently reading this book (and am loving it)!


The second book I picked up was JOSH AND HAZEL’S GUIDE TO NOT DATING by Christina Lauren. Earlier this year, I read THE UNHONEYMOONERS by them, and absolutely loved it (it is one of my new favourite rom-coms!), and I have heard wonderful things about this one! I plan to read it very soon!


The third book I picked up at the library was I KNOW YOU KNOW by Gilly MacMillan. I have yet to read a Gilly MacMillan book, so I am eager to see what all of the hype is around! I know literally nothing about this book, other than the fact that it is an adult mystery/thriller novel.


The fourth library book I picked up was WITH THE FIRE ON HIGH by Elizabeth Acevado. I read about half of her first novel last year, and feel like I was the only one who didn’t love it. This one sounds much more like my style, and I am really really excited to read this one ASAP!


The last library book I picked up was MIDDLEGAME by Seanan McGuire. After hearing Kayla @ Booksandlala’s review for this novel, I couldn’t help but take it out from my library! I will admit that this is not something I would usually read, but I am very intrigued by it and hope to be pleasantly surprised!


Those are the library books I picked up recently! I hope you enjoyed this library book haul, and enjoyed seeing pictures taken on my bed (haha!)! If you have read any of these, let me know your thoughts on them in the comments below!

Good Night Book Owls!

17 thoughts on “Library Book Haul #1

  1. Great choices. I’ve had The Chalk Man for ages and really need to read it. I’ve read CJ Tudors second book and that was good. Your other books look amazing. I hope you enjoy them all.

  2. I wasn’t a fan of The Chalk Man, but looooved Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating! I definitely need to pick up Middlegame soon!

  3. Oh I loved with the fire on high, I hope you will add well!
    I really want to pick up middlegame, curious to your thoughts!


  4. I need to start reading josh and Hazel. It has been dusting on my TBR far too long. Great choices!

  5. I used to take home entire stacks of books from the library when I was a child. I used to live two minutes from the local library and I loved to spend the afternoons there as well. Unfortunately I live in Austria and the local libraries don’t have as much English books – makes sense, but I changed my reading habits from German to English books over the years. Plus, I work in a bookshop so I never quite make it to the library before I see a cool new book arriving and buy it 😀
    But I applaud you for using your local library more! I must try to use mine more! Great post – very inspiring! 🙂

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