#LetsReadTO: Book City

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#LetsReadTO is a new series on my blog that will be showcasing independent bookstores around the city of Toronto! Indie bookstores are so important to bookish-culture, especially since we are seeing fewer of them than ever before. It is my hope that after reading these posts, whether you live in Toronto or not, you will venture out to your nearest (or farthest!) independent bookstore, and support them by purchasing a book that you want to read!


Book City is a popular independent bookstore throughout the city of Toronto. They have several locations spread around the city, but the one I went to was 1430 Yonge St.

This store was so neat, since they had books on table outside for sale, as well as some bargaining and mystery tables.


Upon first glance, this looks like an ordinary bookshop, but in reality, there are books placed in every single nook and cranny possible! I loved the wide variety of books, from classic english literature, to every single travel book you could possibly need!


One of the main featured tables displays several new books that have been recently released. A common indie bookstore misconception is that they don’t have fresh new releases, but obviously Book City has a lot of them!

Book City is also home to a wonderful YA and children section. The back left wall was specifically used to showcase some popular middle-grade and YA novels, as well as some great kids picture books.


As I said previously, Book City has a very wide variety of fiction titles. They have a lot of back-list titles, as well as several new releases. This is just one of the many large fiction bookshelves they have in their store.


The wall on the right side of the store holds all of their non-fiction titles. One of my favourite spots in this store was this little corner that housed a nice rocking chair… perfect for reading books in!


Overall, I loved visiting Book City and highly encourage people in the area to come down and see it for yourself!


Good Night Book Owls!

12 thoughts on “#LetsReadTO: Book City

  1. Looks like a lovely shop. I do enjoy browsing a good bookshop.
    Gemma @ Gemma’s Book Nook

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