In My Mailbox #8: Winter 2019 Edition

Hi everybody, welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading!

Winter/Spring ARCs are coming in HOT and I am so fortunate to have been sent quite a few for review! Most of these books were requested by me, and have a few of them were unsolicited ARCs (which I will still be reading and reviewing). I will be including both the link to the publishers website as well as the direct GoodReads link if you want to add any of them to your TBR shelves (which I highly recommend you do)!


The first book I received within the first couple of days of December from Simon & Schuster Canada! It is called “Looker” and was written by Laura Sims. Like I may have said earlier this month, I have been absolutely in LOVE with Mystery/Thriller books (just wait until you see my short review of “Behind Her Eyes” in my wrap-up)! This one sounded great on their seasonal ARC newsletter, so I was so happy to have requested it and eventually been sent it.


As always, Simon & Schuster Canada is great with providing almost all of the ARCs I have requested by sending out eARCs via NetGalley. Probably my MOST anticipated book of 2019 is “Sky Without Stars” by Jessica Brody and Joanne Rendell. This is supposed to be a mix of The Lunar Chronicles and Les Miserables… two of my favourite stories EVER. I am SO excited to read this humongous book before it even comes out! I am also currently reading “Watching You” by Lisa Jewell, and I have yet to form an opinion thus far. I’m hoping that it will pick up anytime now so I can finally start to really really enjoy this story! (UPDATE: I have now finished it and really enjoyed it!!!) My review will be up for it on the official release date (December 26). As for “Crown of Feathers” by Nicki Pau Preto and “The Remarkable Inventions of Walter Mortinson” Quinn Sosna-Spear, I am really looking forward to reading both of them and am anticipating their release so I can post my review (once I read them!).

Harper Collins Canada is always one of my favourite companies to get packages from! A lot of their seasonal packages are sent with some goodies, which I always LOVE! I was sent four books from them which I requested around early November for the Winter 2019 season. (P.S. I got a huge kick out of being sent a Lindt chocolate with this package! My mom works for Lindt in their downtown Toronto head office, so I thought it was so coincidental that they sent me a Lindt product!)


The first book in the package was a book I didn’t originally request, but I will definitely read it because it sounds great! It is called “The Field Guide to the North American Teenager” by Ben Philppe. I was actually also invited to the book release party for this book, which seems like such an awesome event! This book seems like an interesting coming of age book, which is one of my favourite types of books to read! It comes out at the beginning of January, so look out for my review around then.


This next book comes out in February and is called “The Black Coats” by Colleen Oakes. The first things that attracted me to this book was the gorgeous title! The picture doesn’t even do it justice!! I have wanted to read a Colleen Oakes book forever, so I’m really happy that I finally have an ARC of her newest one!


In April, “Love & Other Curses” by Michael Thomas Ford comes out. I have heard fantastic things about Michael Tomas Fords’ writing, so I am really looking forward to finally reading a book written by him! While I am not currently in a huge contemporary mood, I know that around the spring time I absolutely love to read love stories, and I’m sure this one will be at the top of my list!


The last book I was sent by HCC is called “The Meaning of Birds” and was written by Jaye Robin Brown. Can we just take a moment to stare at this cover? I mean COME ON. How beautiful is it?! One of my reading goals for next year is to read my diverse books, including LGBTQ+. This one sounds super lovely, and I am really excited to read it in April.

Hachette Book Group Canada sent me four eARCs via Netgalley as well, which I am very excited for! “The Woman in the Dark” by Vanessa Savage sounds AMAZING, and is definitely filling my recent obsession for thrillers! “Izzy & Tristan” by Shannon Dunlap sounds like such a sweet book and I am really looking forward to reading and reviewing it. “Golden State” by Ben H. Winters was giving me a 1984 vibe when I read the synopsis, and I am currently reading 1984 and loving it, so I thought it would be fun to give this one a try! The last book I was invited to read is “Internment” by Samira Ahmed. This book is obviously very relevant in today’s world, therefore I thought this was an important one to read and review.

Penguin Random House Canada sends out monthly “Recommended Reads” newsletters, where they often send out HARDCOVER anticipated new releases to bloggers and bookish “influencers”. I don’t think I will ever get over publishers sending out brand new hardcovers, since they are finished copies that have a legitimate value to them! Anyways, I received “A Ladder to The Sky” by John Boyne and “Final Report” by Rick Mercer. ALTTS has been getting a load of great book reviews lately and I thought the synopsis sounded amazing, so I just had to request/read it! I am also a big non-fiction fan, and I thought Rick Mercer’s book would be a very fun one to read. Plus, my Dad likes Rick Mercer quite a bit, so I plan on giving it to him once I have finished reading it.

Thanks very much to Simon and Schuster Canada, Harper Collins Canada, Hachette Book Group Canada, and Penguin Random House for providing we with some exciting new releases coming out in Winter 2019! All the books you see in this post will have a full written review posted on my blog on their date of release.

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Good Night Book Owls!

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