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My current favourite mall called Hillcrest has been getting a huge “Glow-Up” over the past year. They have added a ton of new stores including Old Navy, Lindt, and Honey, just to name a few! However, my favourite and most anticipated addition was the new Indigo (the biggest book department store in Canada)! It opened up last Monday, and over this passed weekend I visited it for the first time! The actual “Grand Opening” is actually this coming Saturday, December 1. With every purchase you make at Indigo @ Hillcrest on Saturday, you will receive a free book tote. Also, for the first 100 people that enter the store, you will get a free $10 gift card upon entry!


The outside of the store was nothing fancy, it was just the logo for Indigo and IndigoKids.


The inside of the store was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It was basically just different open rooms that have items from categories/themes (ie. YA books, Adult Books, Paper/Stationery, etc.).


On the right side as soon as you walk in, Indigo features some Fiction and Non-Fiction bestsellers, which happened to be 40% off thanks to their Black Friday sale(s)!



Like I said, there were a ton of great Black Friday sales that Indigo created, and many of them were featured on tables with beautiful center pieces for the holidays!


Probably my most favourite part of the store were bookshelves with labels on them that featured some of the best books from the past few years. This one features “Heather’s Picks”. To read more about Heather and her book picks, click here!

Indigo also had a lot of 40% off items that were specifically for the holiday time. These include socks, hot chocolate, and mugs!

Indigo creates and purchases a lot of kinds of cards, including Birthday, Anniversary, New Child, and more! All of the boxed holiday cards were (are!) 40% off.


Near the very front of the store, there is a section called “The Joy of the Table”. This section area features all things related to cooking/baking/food. All of the books and accessories featured were so pretty and nice to walk around!


Indigo is home to some of the coziest home accessories, including candles and pillows! These were on full display at the new store.


There was a huge section dedicated to picture frames and home goods (coffee table books, records, pictures, DIY shelves, etc.). This was one of my favourite sections to walk and peek through, plus it was my parents favourite too (yes, that’s them – hi Mom and Dad, I know you’re reading this!)!


As in all bookstores, “The Paper Shop” was another one of my favourite areas! I am such a sucker for cute stationery and planners, so The Paper Shop always sucks me in no matter what time of year!


A Room of Her Own” was a very cool new sections implemented in Indigo. It featured room decor that was more feminine, as well as some gender neutral items.


The Wellness Shop” is a great place to look for Self-Help books, as well as items that will better your sense of self.


As always, with snow and cold weather comes hockey season! While you should all know that I am a baseball kinda gal, I still enjoy the hockey season! Indigo had a lot of great hockey accessories to go along with some of their hockey themed books, and a few of them can be featured in the picture.


Even though board games are not as nearly popular as they have been in the past, there are still a very fun way to have lots of entertainment without the use of technology! Indigo featured a great variety in their “Games and Puzzles” section.



Both on the walls and on tables, Indigo featured a lot of bestselling and new Non-Fiction books.


Near the back of the store close to “The Paper Shop” was a huge section of all kinds of Magazines, both national and international.


And of course, my favourite section was the Young Adult section of the store! While I didn’t get too many pictures of this section, I was wandering in this area for several minutes, and I must say Indigo did a great job with it!


Thrillers are an extremely popular genre in the book world, and are one of my personal favourites! A ton of popular Thrillers were featured on the $15 table, which is a fantastic deal for books that can retail over $25 CAD!img_8115


Since this is a bookstore after all, there were millions upon millions of general fiction books, that fall into several different genres. Some were featured on specialty tables, while others were spread out onto the magnificently large shelves!


Along with “Heather’s Picks”, there were also many “Staff Picks” featured all around the store. All of these books have an easy to remove customized sticker, put on by the employee that recommended the book!


What I liked and appreciated most about this Indigo in comparison to other Chapters/Indigos as well as other book stores was the fact that there was a lot of open space, which made it easy to maneuver and walk around, even when there were a lot of people walking around at the same time.

Indigo is nationally known for its phenomenal section of Kids books, and this store had an entire section just for kids to pick books and sit around! They also had a large American Girl area, which was pretty neat.


And that, my friends, was the Alyssa Cohen edition of a virtual tour of the BRAND NEW INDIGO IN HILLCREST MALL! I hope you all enjoyed this, it took quite a while to put together, but I LOVE the way it turned out! I am NOT getting paid to post this blog post, so if you feel like doing a good deed, feel free to share this with Indigo in whichever way you’d like!

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Good Night Book Owls!

P.S. There is no way I could leave this new store empty handed! Indigo had 50% off select box sets, so I picked up the box set of “A Darker Shade of Magic” by V.E. Schwab! I have heard incredible things about this series, and the box set was an absolute bargain! I posted a picture of it on my Instagram, which you can see below!


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