Hello bookish friends!

Oh boy, have I missed you! For the past year, I have been blogging on my MLB Blog, which has pretty much consumed my entire life, read all of my baseball posts here. By surprise, Reading, Reading, Reading has had more views than ever, even though I’ve made less than 20 posts this year. If you are new to my blog and have been catching up on my old posts, well hello there!

I have finally figured out a schedule that I will be following for this blog in the future. I am thinking of making one post a week on Wednesdays, and then in December writing my Holiday Reading series, but we will see how this works out.

If you are not aware, three years ago I made a blogging series called “Holiday Reading”. The only thing that consists of it is posting daily, and all of the content has to have some sort of a holiday theme. I didn’t realize that I have been doing this for the past two years, so I figured that I couldn’t stop the tradition now!!

Therefore, I have compiled a ton of blog posts (that are already scheduled) to post for the 2016 edition of Holiday Reading! Normally, I will include a schedule of the post’s for the series, but I have decided to keep them all a surprise.

I have many book reviews to post for books that publishers have sent to me over this past year, so you will be reading a lot of book reviews!

I hope that you will all enjoy the 2o16 version of my Holiday Reading series! You can read the 2014 and 2015 “Holiday Reading” posts, too!

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Good Night Book Owls!

What are your thoughts?

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