September 2016 TBR

Hi everybody!

It has been quite a while since I made a proper blog post, but I am glad to say I am (finally) back! Most of my life this summer contained watching, blogging, and tweeting about the Toronto Blue Jays, as well as volunteering at a local dance camp. I also visited New York City for five days in August which was incredible, and I am still debating on whether or not to make a blog post entirely on that, let me know if you’d want to see it. Last week began my new journey of high school, and it is going very well! I feel like my life is falling into place, and I can’t wait to see where the next four years of my life go!

Before we begin this blog post, I have a few thank you’s and minor updates. Firstly, I’d like to wish a warm welcome to the few people who have followed my blog recently. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on all of my posts! I’d like to thank all of you for coming back and visiting my blog frequently, even though there have been no frequent posts. I am on track for more viewers and statistics than last year, which completely blows my mind! You guys are amazing! A few changes will be happening as I come back to blogging. Firstly, I have started up my newsletter again and actually sent out one on Saturday, which informed all of my newsletter subscribers about myself blogging again. Make sure that if you are not already subscribed that you do so, by either visiting the homepage of my blog and filling out the form at the top that asks for your name and email address, that’s the main way to subscribe. Or, you can click this link and subscribe here! Secondly, in my newsletter I mentioned myself making daily posts. I am now adjusting that. I will be making 5 posts per week, but there are no specific days for them. You will probably be seeing weekly posts on Monday and Saturday, but the other 3 days I am not sure about. This will also depend on my MLB blog schedule, which I plan on posting on at least once a week. When I post on that blog, you will NOT be seeing a post here, but you will more then likely be notified the day before on if you will see a post the next day or not. Lastly, I may or may not be switching up the theme for this blog, but for now I will have to think about it. Wow, that was a lot to say! Now let’s get into the TBR!

Lately, I haven’t been reading what so ever! I think I’ve read about 12 books this year, which is terrible. I really just haven’t been into reading to much, and I blame that partially on not blogging about books, because that is where my motivation to read majorly comes from. For these reasons, I am only choosing 3 books to read this month, but I am very excited about all of them.


Scythe by Neal Shusterman is definitely on the top of my to-read list this month. It sounds incredible, and like a book that I would enjoy. I haven’t read a good fantasy-esque book in a long time. The plot in this book sounds like nothing I have ever read, and I can’t wait to read it. I received this book courtesy of Simon and Schuster Canada to read and review, so expect a review the week of Scythe’s publication date!


The Diabolic was actually on my most anticipated book list of 2016 and I can’t wait to dive into it! I received this book over at Simon and Schuster Canada to read and review as well, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. The image above I actually just cut and paste from the Fall 2016 newsletter that was sent to me. The tagline above sounds so interesting, and it was marked as there most anticipated Fall release. I sure hope it lives up to its standards and doesn’t disappoint!


Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter was given to me at the Raincoast Teens Preview for Spring/Summer 2016 books. Since I am such a big fan of folktale/fairytale retellings, I was very happy to see this ARC in my swag bag. Vassa In the Night is a retelling of the old russian folktale of “Vassilissa the Beautiful”. I am not sure what the folktale is about, let alone what this version is all about, but I am very intrigued by it and will be reviewing it as soon as possible!

I hope you all enjoyed my September 2016 TBR! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter, as well as like my page on Facebook!

Good Night Book Owls!

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