Hi everyone!

December has always been a super fun bloggy month for me! I actually created my blog in December 2013, and I always feel very inspired around this time of the year!

If you didn’t know, last year I launched a “Blog Series” called “Holiday Reading”. It turned out super well, and I had so many more viewers and followers because of it. You can read all of the 2014 posts here. 

Since it turned out so well, I figured I would do it again this year! So, from December 6 (TODAY) until December 27, you can come back to check for new posts!

This year, there is going to be a little twist! Hanukkah falls on the evening of December 6 – December 14, so since I celebrate it I thought that during the next 8 days, I will have some Hanukkah posts, and then from December 15 until December 27, I will have more Christmas/winter themed posts!

Here’s the schedule:

December 6: Holiday Reading 2015
December 7: The Story of Hanukkah (Book Recommendations)
December 8: Reading, Reading, Reading Turns 2!
December 9: Hanukkah Book Tag!
December 10: Holocaust Book Recommendations
December 11: Quick Thought: Are gifts all there is to it?
December 12: A Lovely Hanukkah Bookish Present!
December 13: Hanukkah Jokes
December 14: Hanukkah 2015 Memories
December 15: Holiday Bookish Gift Guide: Teens
December 16: Holiday Bookish Gift Guide: Adults
December 17: My True Love Gave to Me Book Review
December 18: Quick Thought: Amazing Winter/Holiday Covers
December 19: Winter Break TBR
December 20: Fun Bookish Winter Activities
December 22: Quick Thought: Giving Back in the Bookish Community
December 23: Happy Birthday Dad!
December 24: Quick Thought: Why Starbucks Is Better in Indigo!
December 25: Merry Christmas

What are your thoughts?

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