Liebster Award #3!

Hi everyone!

Yes, my 3 liebster award nomantion! The 4 will be coming on Wednesday, haha!!

This time around I was nominated by the lovely Tori! I absolutley love all of the questions, since they are not bookish related, haha!

Award Rules:

  • Display the Liebster Award logo on your blog post (or blog if you want)
  • Thank and link the person who nominated you
  • Answer the questions given and then come up with 10 of your own to ask your nominations
  • Nominate and link to 8 or more more other blogs (try to make it people who haven’t yet been nominated)

1. Why did you create your blog? When did you start it?
I created my blog to share my love of reading (and the internet) to those who love it as well! I created my blog almost 2 years ago on December 8, 2013!
2. Other than reading, blogging, and watching tv, how do you fill your time?
I love to watch YouTube videos on my iPad mini, or make friendship bracelets in the summer time!
3. As pleased as you are about this nomination, do you wish I hadn’t nominated you? Go ahead. Be honest. This award is a lot of work.
Absolutely NOT! I love doing Liebster awards, as they differentiate every time you do them! People give you different questions then the last time you did it, which is really cool!
4. Has blogging created a community around you that you never expected? Or are you a [wo]man on an island surrounded by a sea of blog posts?
Absolutely, as you read this I am most likely at HCC’s “Frenzy Presents” (experience/recap post will be up on Tuesday), and I can’t believe that I will have the opportunity to meet a ton of other bloggers who do exactly what I do and love!
5. Can you list all 50 states alphabetically?
Nope. I’m from Canada.
6. My blog is directly related to my day job—what do you do for a living? Is it reflected in your blog?
I am a full time student (and Blogger and Reader of course)!
7. Quick decision: Friends or Seinfeld?
8. Are you a roadtripper? Do you use maps or just go where the road takes you? Where was your last adventure?
Not really, but I do love to explore around my city! I recently went to an event at the Pan Am Games, which was loads of fun!
9. How do you spend your Sundays?
Pre-Scheduling the upcoming weeks’ blog posts!
10. Can you juggle?
11. What is the one saying your grandparents always said that stuck with you?

“Don’t Say that!” (In Yiddish)

So, that was it for the 3 Liebster Nomination!

I seriously have nobody to nominate and have no questions to ask… OOPS!

Thanks again for the nomination, Tori!

Good Night Book Owls!

What are your thoughts?

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