20 Books of Summer Challenge!

Hi everyone!

I am going to be participating in the 20 Book Summer Reading Challenge! Unlike last year, where I read only about 4 books in Summer 2014, I want to read A LOT MORE this Summer! That’s why I decided to join this challenge!

So, starting from 1 June and running until 4 September, I am going to challenge myself to read 7+ books, which I am now 1/7 done for this month, as I just finished Kissing in America this morning (review to come… don’t anticipate it…)!

Here is a list of books that I would LOVE and plan on reading this summer:


Here are just a few of the many books I plan on reading this summer! Again, I have already read Kissing In America by Margo Rabb, so that is already one book checked off of the 20! Just 19 more to go!

I would love to know if you guys are participating in this! Leave your post related to this topic down below, and I will be sure to check it out!

Good Night Book Owls!

What are your thoughts?

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