DIY Bookish Card Game!

Hey guys!

Today, I thought that I would create another beloved DIY! Some of my most viewed posts are my DIY’s, so I like to make as many as I can!


Playing Cards (These are the exact ones that I used.)

A Sharpie (This was the exact sharpie I used).


Create fun challenges on the cards related to bookish things! This is a list of all of the ones I wrote! NOTE: I used a deck that had lost a few cards, so you will probably have more cards then I had used.

A Card:

  • Name an Author that has the same starting letter of their name that your opponent chooses.
  • Spell out a book title of your opponents choice.
  • What do you prefer to read: Book Reviews or Book Recommendations?

King/Queen/Jack Cards:

  • Who is the King of your book world?
  • Who is the Queen of your book world?
  • Who is the Jack of your book world?

Number 2 Cards:

  • Name 2 books that are in the genre that you least read.
  • Make your opponent draw 2 fictional characters, and guess who they are.
  • List 10 characteristics of 2 of your favourite characters.

Number 3 Cards:

  • Name 3 books that one have a one word title.
  • Name 3 desserts that you would eat while you read.
  • List 3 reasons why you love books.

Number 4 Cards:

  • Create 4 different titles for 4 different books.
  • Name 4 books from the Contemporary genre.

Number 7 Cards:

  • Guess 7 of your opponents favourite characters.
  • Guess 7 of your opponents favourite books.
  • Name 7 of your opponents favourite genre.

Number 8 Cards:

  • Name 8 characters from 8 different books.
  • Draw 8 items that relate to your favourite book.
  • Name 8 books in 40 seconds.
  • List 8 things you love to see in a good book.

Number 9 Cards:

  • Name 9 books that are in your TBR pile.

Number 10 Cards:

  • Name 9 books in 10 seconds!
  • Name 10 favourite books from your childhood.
  • Name 10 books that you would recommend to your opponent.
  • Name 10 tips for choosing a book from a bookstore.

Joker Cards:

  • Choose your own challenge to give to your opponent.


  1. Evenly divide the cards among the players.
  2. Each player takes turns to select a card, and every player participates in the challenge.
  3. Whoever wins the challenge/does the best, collects the card.
  4. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins!

That is my DIY bookish card game! If you make these cards and play the game, make sure to tweet me @iireadingii and use the #readingreadingreadingdiy!

Good Night Book Owls!

What are your thoughts?

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