Quick Thought #14: Things I Learned From Books

Hi guys!

Today I’m going to be writing my 14 Quick Thought! I didn’t realize that I have done that many! The topic for today is things that I have learned from books. I pre-think my blog post topics weeks/months in advance, and I guess that when I wrote down this one, I didn’t realize how broad of a topic this was!

The first thing that I learned from books was common sense, or at least how important it is to have it (cough cough **ALL YA DYSTOPIANS**Cough cough)… Many characters in YA books DO NOT have common sense. I know a lot of people who make certain decisions, in which they are not using common sense. Those are the “I know I’ll never do that” moments, and common sense in books is one of them!

Now for a more serious one, I learned that you really have to think about a decisions before you do it! This is seen in many books…Allegiant… There are many repercussions even in fiction books, so you better watch out for that in the real world!

I have also learned that Self-Confidence is key to a happy life. If you are confident about the things you say, wear, and do, then you will have a happy life. This is probably a key point because one of my favourite parts to look for in a book is Character Development. In some cases, it’s almost like watching a baby grow from day 1 to day 365!

So, that was a small snippet into what YA books have thought me thus far. If you would like me to expand on these ideas or do a part 2, let me know in the comments below!

Good Night Book Lions!

One thought on “Quick Thought #14: Things I Learned From Books

  1. Another good thought a wise person told me … think before you speak. It is sometimes a very hard think to do … I am trying harder!

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