Alyssa’s Reviews – Sea Change by Diane Tullson

Hi everyone!

Today, I’m going to be reviewing Sea Change by Diane Tullson.

Sea Change

Synopsis (Goodreads):

Lucas and his father are not close. In fact they hardly see each other, which is just fine with Lucas. When he travels to the remote fishing lodge his father manages, Lucas is left once again, this time with a lodge worker, a girl named Sumi. She makes it pretty clear that Lucas is on his own. But she does take him fishing and seems to be warming up to him. Then, in a horrible sequence of misjudgments, Sumi is shot in the foot. With no radio and no phone, Lucas and Sumi are truly alone. Fog rolls over the islands and it’s up to Lucas to get Sumi to medical help, a day’s journey by boat up the inlet.


I really liked this book! I thought that it was short and sweet and just what I needed.

This book was fast paced and really enjoyed it! I liked the two main characters, but really didn’t like his father, I felt like he was very selfish and stuck-up.

The setting of this book is on a resort that Lucas’ dad owns, and it sounded pretty neat!


I really enjoyed this book and gave it 4/5 stars.

I hope you guys enjoyed this short and sweet book review!

Good Night Book Lions!

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