20 Great Book Blog Post Idea’s!

Hi everyone!

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you a list of 20 great book blog post idea’s! This post is inspired by an event that just happened to me, as I was searching on the internet “book blog post ideas”. I figured that this would be very helpful for any of you who sometimes do that as well!

Let’s get started.

  1. A list (such as this one).
  2. Book Review’s
  3. Book TAGs
  4. A discussion (I call them Quick Thoughts)
  5. A collection (bookshelf tour, bookmark collection (that will be up tomorrow!!!), etc.)
  6. A weekly meme (see a complete list here: https://readingreadingalldaylong.wordpress.com/2015/01/08/creating-a-blog-weekly-memes/)
  7. Monthly Wrap-up’s
  8. Monthly TBR’s
  9. A Bookish DIY
  10. Bookish Pet Peeves
  11. Teaching somebody how to do something.
  12. A response to a post somebody has made.
  13. An experience of some sort of bookish event.
  14. Rant about something that bothers you.
  15. Research about an unknown bookish topic.
  16. Interview Authors or other Book Bloggers.
  17. Write about where you think you will be in ___ Years.
  18. Explain what NOT to do in _______.
  19. Take someone else’s blog post title and, without reading the post, write your own post. Feel free to change the title once you’re done.
  20. Make a list of great book blogs to follow on wordpress.

That’s it for today’s post!

I had so much fun researching and coming up with fun post ideas! Maybe, you can try them out!

See you tomorrow for my Bookmark Collection!

Good Night Book Lions!

What are your thoughts?

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