Quick Thought #12: Borrowing Personal Books

Hi everybody!

Today, I’m going to be discussing a very “frisky” topic on the bookish blogosphere. And that is borrowing personal books.

I really am not a fan of sharing my books, or sharing in general. I guess I’m not used to it, as I am an only child. I only like to share books with my aunt, as she is part of my family and I trust her.

Here are a few guidelines that I like to establish:

  • NO cracking of spines
  • NO tearing out pages
  • NO sharing with other people
  • NO bending the pages or cover
  • If any damage is done to the book, please replace it

So that’s it for today’s post!

If any of you have any opinions for this topic, please share them in the comments. I’d love to have a discussion with you!

Good Night Book Lions!

2 thoughts on “Quick Thought #12: Borrowing Personal Books

  1. Personally, I love sharing books! I share with everyone. I once was in a class with someone who looked at the book I was reading and said it looked interesting, and grabbed a piece of paper to write down the title/author. She was a stranger to me, I’d only seen her around uni occasionally.

    I gave her the book. I hadn’t finished it yet, but I went to the library and borrowed myself a copy. That way she would read it, and I know I can just go get another copy, because I was hooked.

    Personally, I think sharing the love of reading is more important that the actual possession of mint condition books.

    The best thing is that she read the book, I read the book, and we then had something to talk about during all those boring tutorials, and we became friends. She returned the book to me after a week or so, but I wasn’t worried about that – she could have kept it – I would have been able to hunt down another copy if I wanted to re-read it.

    I’ve given away at least 100 books over the years, including favourite or sentimental copies of my favourites. Probably half make their way back to me, and I’m okay with that, I never say I want them back – and I’ve borrowed a few from my friends that haven’t made their way back to them – I usually ask them if they intend to re-read tho, just to be courteous.

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