Quick Thought #11: Why it’s REALLY IMPORTANT That You Have an About or Contact Me Page on Your Blog!

Hi everyone!

Today, I’m going to be posting a Quick Thought, of an opinion that I formed last night.

Last night (actually 2 nights ago), I created a Bookish Collab Blog! You can visit it here, but it won’t be officially starting until April 6. If you want to join for The Bookish People 2.0 (starting in September), please check it out so you can sign up: https://thebookishpeople.wordpress.com/

Anyways, I was contacting a TON of people to see if they wanted to join for the 1 run, but a lot of my favourite blogs do not have an “About” or “Contact Me” page.

First of all, I totally understand why you don’t if you don’t feel comfortable with people contacting you, but in my opinion a MAJOR part of book blogging is getting books for review, and how can people send them to you if you cannot be reached? Just a side note, social media IS NOT considered contacting.

Second, I wanted to reach a lot more people then I did, but I could not because they did not have a contact form or email address associated to many blog’s, so I could not reach them! This made me very upset because I would’ve liked to hear from a lot more, but there was no chance I could have.

There are so many AMAZING opportunity’s that you may be missing because there is no way that others can contact you. And if you do have an “About” or “Contact Me” page, then you are doing something right, and that’s for sure!

And that my friend’s, is the end to my glorious rant. I hope that you learned something, or that this was useful to you!

See you tomorrow!
Good Night Book Lions!

What are your thoughts?

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