March/Spring Break Reading List!

Hey guys!

Today, I’m going to be sharing with you what I plan on reading during March/Spring Break!

Let’s get started!

My plan for this week is to finish all of my ARC/Review Book’s, so that I can start writing up my reviews.

I received this beautiful book from Penguin Canada, and I’m so excited to read it! Thanks PC!


I received this book from Simon and Schuster Canada, and I CANNOT WAIT to read! I actually requested this book, and was so excited to receive it in the mail! Thanks again SSC!

Lastly, I want to read this book! It’s so short, and a great way to end of the week. I picked up this book from the library, and it intrigued me!

That’s it for today’s post!

Today (well, tomorrow for me, as I’m pre-writing this), I am actually attending a Big Book Sale at my local library! Check back tomorrow to see my experience and haul!

Good Night Book Lions!

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