February Flurries: Quick Thought #6: Balancing a Social Life while Running a Blog, Reading and School

Hi everyone,

Today, I decided to do a quick thoughts, as I know a lot of you guys enjoy it! I thought of doing a q+a, but then realized that I should do a whole blog post about this question. A LOT of my friends especially will ask me “How do you balance a social life while; blogging, reading and doing school work?”

To be COMPLETELY honest, I don’t think I’m the best person to answer this question. I don’t really have a HUGE social life, but it’s not like it’s nonexistent.

I try to schedule my posts AS MUCH as I possibly can! Although, I have been really sick this week, and this post is going live in approximately 5 hours… Click here to learn more about scheduling posts:  https://readingreadingalldaylong.wordpress.com/2015/01/07/creating-a-blog-scheduling-postscontent/.

I also try to measure out my time between reading, school and hanging out with friends. Basically, I try to make a schedule in my Kate Spade Agenda! I’m IN LOVE with it! If you guys would like me to do a blog post about it, I GLADLY will! Here’s a sneak peek:

Isn’t it GORGEOUS?!

Anyways, I like to use different colours to coordinate different things. Pink is My Blog, Blue is School, Orange is Appointments/Birthdays, and Green is Other.

I like to put EVERYTHING in it! I even like to put in emails I need to respond to, when I will schedule posts and things like that.

I hope that this helped EVERY type of blogger!

Good Night Book Lions!

4 thoughts on “February Flurries: Quick Thought #6: Balancing a Social Life while Running a Blog, Reading and School

  1. I’m HORRIBLE at organizing and even though I love gorgeous notebooks and agendas I can’t use them for more than three days straight! Haha I keep everything in my head though and it’s the best way for me! Beautiful agenda you got there though! 🙂

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