NaNoWriMo 2014: Chapter 10

Today, I and David walk home again. I heard that the bakery was re-opened down the street and figure that it would be a good idea if we went. David’s a little bit mad at me as we did not make cookies on the weekend. It is Tuesday today, so I and David will have to be quick, as David has karate today, and my mother always makes sure that he’s at karate on time. My friend, Sienna, also has a brother that takes the same class as David, and is the same age as him, so we always sit with each other, or if our parents let us we go to the mall across the street. I met Sienna at my camp and I haven’t seen her in a while. I wonder what her DDK is?
“Where are we going? That’s are house Rachel!” says David. “Remember when you told me that you were upset because we couldn’t go to the bakery, and we didn’t make cookies?” I ask him. “Yes…” he tells me, suspitously. “Well, let’s go to the bakery now!” I surprise him! “Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!” he repeats that about, a million more times, but that’s just an understatement! I’m so happy he’s happy, I and my brother have always been very, very close. When he’s upset, I’m upset. I guess you could say that we are tightly knit.
As we near the bakery, a police officer asks for our I.D. I show him, and he lets us through, the security here is on point, just like I thought it would be. I walk into the bakery, and I get in line. Ahead of us is our Neighbour James. I don’t really know him well, but my parents are friends with him. We once baby sat his dog when he was in Florida! He has a bull dog named lacy.She was always so sweet, but sadly past away a few months ago. Maybe he has another dog now.
Leah works at this bakery, and has for quite a while, so I make sure to hop into her line. When we get to her line, I say hi, and we begin to order. David goes first “Can I have a chocolate chip donut with sprinkles and a fruit juice?” asks David, very politely. “Sure thing.” says Leah. Next I order, “Can I please have a chocolate chip muffin with an Iced Cappuccino and six mini tid bit donuts?” I ask. My mom loves the tid bit donuts! There always amazing and so fresh! “Sure thing! That will be ten dollars please.” I hand her the ten and she takes it from my hand. “See you tomorrow Leah.” I say. “Bye, Bye Leah!” David says! “Bye guys, see you both tomorrow!” Normally, Leah will pay for us, or add in an item, but she didn’t seem to this time! Thank goodness!
When our order comes, I see that there are FOUR additional items, four cupcakes! This has Leah’s name written all over it! I take them, and as I go out the door, she winks at me. Typical Leah! She know me to well! There cupcakes are my favourite!
“I wonder what mom will say, when she’s all of these yummy goodies!” I tell David. “Mmmhmm” he says, while slurping on his fruit juice.

What are your thoughts?

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