NaNoWriMo 2014: Chapter 8

School was back, up and running today. Today we have, what is called an NF day. This translates to a “not free” day. This means that there is no learning, but you must show up to school and do educational things, and at the same time you must follow your schedule. So, if you have history at period 1, you do history things, such as skim a textbook or work on an upcoming due project.
Luckily, today is the day that I and Leah have all the same classes together, so I can sit and talk to her about everything that’s happening.
This morning my mom makes I and my brother pancakes, although rushed, they were still delicious. “Hey Rachel, what are you doing at school today?” my mom asks. Why on earth would she ever want to know? I answer her anyways. “We have an NF day.” I say. “How about I pick you and David up a little bit earlier and we can do something fun. You both have seemed a little bit stressed these past days. I wanted to make it up to you both yesterday, but I was very busy. What do you say? Yes?” she says. I wanted to get out of the house and search more about Derek, but I guess this will have to wait. “Sure, I guess it will be fun.” I reply. Maybe it will be, you never know.
I arrive at school eight minutes early. So, I decide to drop David off at the free daycare and do some searching on Derek Smool. As I walk to the library, I spot Jared, my crush since grade four. I am now in grade eight. Jared has deep green eyes and short brown hair. We talk a lot, and some people say that he has a crush on me to, although I am not so sure about that speculation. “Hey Jared.” I say. “Hey Rachel! I’m going to the library to start my geography assignment, want to come with?” he asks. “Sure.” I say, casual and calm.
As we walk into the library, there are all kinds of beautiful poster, that advertise many things. School wide bagel day, kindergarten volunteers, library monitors and even sales representatives. “I have to get my school log in code; I’ve seemed to lost mine. I’ll meet you at the computers over there.” He says. I give him a quick thumbs up, and I’m off. I log in and start my research.

What are your thoughts?

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