NaNoWriMo 2014: Chapter 7

I have a feeling that today will be harder.
I wake up and my father is not there. He is at work 6:30am sharp. Like I said, it will take time to adjust. I still have about eighty three good years left. Not to worry, I reassure myself. Today, the morning news is good, filled with funny talk show hosts and segments, that aren’t so depressing. Today will be better, I reassure myself, again.
As I head downstairs, I wonder what my father is doing right now. Hopefully, he is doing well. Maybe he is blessing a new baby with a DDK that is average, not above or below.
My mother is making me my favourite breakfast; French toast. David is eating scrambled eggs, his favourite as well. “Good Morning Rachel.” My mother says. “Good Morning Mom.” I reply. She seems to be in a rather good mood. I knew things would be better today, I just knew it. “David told me that today you were going to makes cookies with him, after school. Is this true?” she asks. “Yes mom, we were going to go to the bakery down the street yesterday, but it was closed.” I tell her the truth. “Why didn’t you go?” she asks. I reply “It was allegedly told that this was the last place that Derek Smool ate at, before he got sick. It has been shut down, just for now I guess.” She doesn’t seemed surprise. She tells me that she heard it on the news last night. I wonder why she didn’t tell me?
After eating breakfast, I go upstairs and get ready. I listen to some music to get me in a better mood, like usual. Once I am done, I get my bag and get ready, but just before I walk out my mother calls me.
“Rachel, why didn’t you take the bus yesterday?” she says calmly. “I wanted to get some fresh air.” I lie. My mother senses that I am lying through my eyes but doesn’t bother to ask. “School is closed today; everyone was instructed to stay inside. They’re investigating.” Great. Just peachy great. I wanted to leave the house just one day and go to school, not having to worry about home, but of course school is cancelled today, of course. “Can I call Leah to come over?” I ask. Then I can have someone to talk to. “Sure. You can make cookies with her if you want.” Uh.
“Hey Leah, want to come over today?” I ask. “Uh, I wish. My grandfather’s sick. It’s only a year until his DDK, so we all knew it was coming soon.” Boo. I wish she could come over but I totally understand, I lost my grandfather the year of his DDK, it was hard for all of us. We expected it, but at the same time we didn’t. “Did he get eighty five?” I ask. “Yeah, I have to go, talk to you later.” She says “Bye, best wishes.” I add.

What are your thoughts?

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