NaNoWriMo 2014: Chapter 3


The next day was just as weird.

“Hey Leah!” I called once I saw my best friend heading to our bus stop. “Hey Rachel!” Leah replied, as soon as she knew who had just called her. There was know law that was stopping others from sharing there DDKs. On the other hand, people with 100 or over were instructed to keep them private. “What was your DDK?” Leah asks me. “Ninety-Five Years” I reply. “Oh. I got 90 years.” Says Leah. What is she surprised about? It almost sounds like she’s dis heartened. If she’s mad at somebody it should be the scientists, not me. We hop on the school bus, making sure that my brother is right ahead of me.

“Did you hear about Derek Smool?” Leah asks. I’ve heard of him before. He’s been very sick and nobody knows what’s wrong with him. Unfortunately, he’s only twenty- two. If he dies, all of the scientists will be fined.

“What happened?” I ask. “He Died.” Leah replies.

“Oh my god. What are they doing now? Investigating? Fining the scientists?” I reply, in complete and utter shock. Leah states “There doing as much as they can. Nobody knows what his medical condition was before and if the fine the scientists, they’ll keep there mouth closed for ever. Nobody will ever know what happened.”
Once we arrived to school, everyone was buzzing, even the young ones. This was quite the shock, as these were claimed to be the top scientists ever found. What if there was a secret? What if I found out?

What are your thoughts?

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