NaNoWriMo 2014: Chapter 2


That Night, was quite an adventure.
After dinner, my parents asked to speak with me, and David was instructed to leave. David was usually a good kid, but tonight he wanted to stay with me. My parents bribed him with a small candy, and luckily that won him over.

Although, now that my parents could talk with me, I wish that David had stayed by my side.

“Now, Rachel, don’t be scared.” My mother taunted. “What did they tell you your date was?” “Why should I tell you? Why should I even talk about this with you, as you already know my date!” I replied. They could probably see by this point that I was getting pretty annoyed or even agitated. So, for 10 minutes we just sat there. In a dreadful silence. “I got ninety-five years.”

What are your thoughts?

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