Toronto International Book Fair 2014: Experience!

Hi everyone!

This will be my Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair post! I went on Saturday, November 15, 2014. I had an amazing time at this event and hope to go again next year!


When coming up for the first time, you will see a beautiful ceiling decoration filled with alphabetical letters!


Once you come up the escalator onto the TIBF floor, there is a huge entrance sign, that is full of bright colours and fun!


Once entering, you will see many different sections! This section was the TIBF national pavilion, filled with religious books and Canadian souvenirs.


As you can imagine, there is tons of holidays items, such as, Recipes and Christmas ornaments/trinkets.



There is even an Ontario farm booth, where there is a cute little duck and you can even take pictures with him!


They also had many wonderful indie speakers!


As well, there were many wonderful authors, including Kathy Rechies, who is the writer for the “Bones” book series. The Bones TV series was inspired by her books.


They also had amazing health and fitness speakers, such as Tosca Reno.


This was a poster found in the Penguin Books section. They were advertising this book, and even had samples of a few of the recipes that you could taste. My mother really enjoyed the small granola bars.


In the DK books section, they had a lego figure of Master Yoda, from Star Wars! It was huge!


They even had some adorable “Book-ish Swag” magnets and cards! This one was by far, my favorite!


As you can imagine, they had some amazing publishing houses, such as Scholastic!


They also had many other groups, such as Simon and Schuster! I was so happy to meet Michelle Blackwell at the Simon and Schuster booth! I correspond with her often and she is such a lovely person!


After each event took place, authors had a book signing! This was the long line up for Anne Rice!


After an amazing and long day at the TIBF, it was time to leave! I had such an amazing time!


Bye, Bye TIBF! See you next year!

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