NaNoWriMo 2014: PROLOGUE

What if you knew the exact date of when you were going to die?


When I was born my parents got my DDK (Dying Date Knowledge). Most peoples would happen in 80 years, or if they were lucky, 90 years. But mine was in 95 years. The scientists believed that I was meant to live for 95 years, although that meant a long and tough life. My parents were ok with that. Glinda Wise, my mother was scheduled for 90 years and my father Tom was scheduled for 90 years, as well. Therefore 90 was sort-of in my blood. I didn’t really understand it though. Why was I the chosen one? Nobody knows the scientists. They have no familys, no life and no understandings. It seems as if they can look into your eyes and tell you when you are supposed to die. I will never know my death date, only my parents will, and when my parents die, I will know. After my parents took in my DDK, we walked into the room. The room is used for people who have very interesting death days. I was one of them.

What are your thoughts?

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