New Blog Features!

If you have been on the actual site of my blog, then you have seen the 4 new pages on the header bar right beneath the owl!

The new pages are there for easier access to certain posts on my blog.

Library Page:

This page is currently under construction but will be used to share with you all of the books I own and have or have not read.

Book reviews:

This page is a link page to all of my book reviews that I have posted.

Social Media:

This page shows you all of my usernames for different social media networks, such as: Instagram; Twitter and my bloggish email address.

Contact Me:

This page is mostly for publishing houses and authors to contact me if they want to send me books for review.

Those are all of the recent new features on my blog!

Look out for more of these!

Good Night Book Lions!

What are your thoughts?

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