Making Up for Monday {08/4}

(Making up for Monday is a weekly meme in which there is a new question every monday and it is your job to write an answer. Want to participate in this meme? Here is the link to all of the questions:

You are the main character in the last book you just read. Who are you and would you do anything different than they did?

The last book I read was Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. The main charcter in this book is Clay Jensen (some may claim that Hannah Baker is the main character, although the book is actually told in the perspective of Clay). I believe that Clay made pretty good decisions in this book. The only thing I would change was him wandering around the neighborhood while listening to the tapes at night. As well, he kept going to all of the stars, during night time which I didn’t think was very safe.

I’d love to know your thoughts on Clay or the book Thirteen Reasons Why, please comment below if you would like to add on to my thoughts.

Good Night Book Lions!

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