Reading Response: Reading Response Topics

Hey guys!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you some of the Reading Response Topics I want to post very soon! Most of these were taken off goodreads groups and online sites! Enjoy! Also, if you have any other fun reading response topics please comment them below!

Top Books BookTube Made You Read
Top Cover Buys (Books you bought solely for the cover)
Top Books You Wished You Read Earlier
Top Books That Made You Cry
Characters You Wish You Were More Like
Top 5 Books You Struggled to Finish
Top 5 Naked Cover Books (Hardbacks w/o dust jacket)
Top 5 Last Sentences
Top Genres
Top Book Quotes
Top Siblings
Top Fictional Technology
Top Characters You Hate
Top 5 Friendships
Top 5 Book Parents (parent/guardian/adult figure)
Top 5 Sequels
Top 5 Books You Would Recommend to New Readers
Top Villains
Top Unread Authors
Top Male Protagonists
Top Books You’d Like to See Be Movies
top characters that you would like to meet
If you were to meet any charcter from any book who would it be/construct a thought through conversation with this charcter
Top books that you cried at

I hope you enjoy this list of Reading Response Topics! Again, if you have any topic please put them in the comments below!

Good Night Book Lions!

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