The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hi everybody!

Today I will be writing another Versatile Blogger Award post! I love doing these types of posts because I love reading other people’s as well, and whenever I get nominated for one, I like to give recognition to the person who nominated me. If you’d like to read my last Versatile Blogger Award post, click here!

This time around, I’d like to thank the lovely Rachel, over at Book Review’s and Stuff for tagging me!

The rules are as follows:

  • Thank your nominator
  • Share the award on your blog
  • State 7 things about yourself
  • Choose 10 new nominees who have fewer than 300 followers
  • Notify them via social media (I am SUPER BAD at this one haha!)

Seven New Things About Myself:

  1. I am not just a book blogger, but I am also an MLB Blogger over at!
  2. This September, marks my journey into High School! I plan on making some cool posts related to high school (and of course books) in the future!
  3. This past August, I visited New York City for the first time and I am super happy I got to do so! I saw two broadway shows, and actually gave the playbills to one of my broadway crazy-obsessed friends named Naomi (she’s currently sitting next to me as I write this).
  4. I recently (temporarily) cancelled my Netflix subscription, because I haven’t been using it much as of lately, but for the time that I did have Netflix I fell in love with Grey’s Anatomy! It’s amazing! I still have to watch season 12, but I will soon!!
  5. Two of my role model’s have there birthday’s on May 27 (my birthday), as well as May 28! Isn’t that crazy?
  6. My least favourite subject is Gym, which is weird because I am really into watching and blogging about sports, but I got into watching them at a later age, therefore I had already deemed myself as non-athletic. But, I always try my best!
  7. I recently have been obsessed with white original converse (not high tops), and I wear them nearly everyday!!


If I didn’t nominate you and you want to do it, feel free to say that I tagged you and send me a link to it!

There may or may not be a post on here tomorrow, but if there isn’t one, there is probably one on my MLB blog!

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Good Night Book Owls!