Alyssa’s Reviews – When We Were Lost by Kevin Wignall (ARC)

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Do love survival stories set in jungles featuring an array of high school students? Then boy oh boy, do I have a book for you!


Synopsis (

Survival. It’s a concept these high school students never had to consider–until their plane crashes in a remote rainforest with no adults left alive. With many of them falling prey to threats from both the jungle and man, they soon realize that danger comes in many sinister forms.
Tom Calloway didn’t want to go on a field trip to Costa Rica, but circumstances had him ending up sitting in the back of the plane–which was the only part that was intact after the crash in the remote South American wilderness. Tom and a small group of his classmates are fortunate to be alive, but their luck quickly runs out when some of them fall prey to the unfamiliar threats of the jungle–animals, reptiles, insects, and even the unforgiving heat. Every decision they make could mean life or death.
As the days go by and the survivors’ desperation grows, things get even more perilous. Not everyone can cope with the trauma of seeing their friends die, and a struggle for leadership soon pits them against each other. And when they come across evidence of other people in the middle of the rainforest, does that mean they’re safe–or has their survival come to an even more vicious end?

This book was really interesting, but unfortunately I didn’t love it.

The beginning of the book started off really strong. I LOVED the prologue, and truly don’t think I’ve ever read a better one! The first 50 pages were also excellent and written very well. However, it slowly went downhill from there. By the end of the book, I thought that it started to drag on. This book could definitely have been cut by at least 100 pages. At least 100 pages of the book were them walking through the jungle and discussing there food/drink supply, and how they all hated Joel, their “leader”. The ending was also super anti-climactic and really sudden. It felt very forced, which I obviously did not enjoy.

Within the first 50 or so pages, a conspiracy theory is brought up regarding why their plane crashed. I would have loved to have dived deeper into the theory, as I thought it was super interesting. And while it makes sense that no questions/theories were ever solved, I would have had such a better time reading about this if the theory was discussed more.

The characters in this book were quite good, but by the end I found them annoying and their dialogue very, very, VERY repetitive. I swear they said the same five things 100+ times throughout the book!

Overall, I didn’t love this story, and rated it 2.5/5 stars. However, if you enjoy survival stories, I would definitely give this one a try!

Thanks to Hachette Book Group for sending the ARC my way!

June 2019 TBR

Welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading!

While this post is titled “June 2019 TBR”, it really should be called “Alyssa’s Unrealistic TBR #1000000”! I have quite a few books that I plan on reading this month, and even though it is a few books short of the length of my past few TBRs, I have exams at the end of this month, and I’m not exactly sure how much I’ll be able to read. Regardless, I still plan on reading daily, and hope to use my free time wisely by reading whenever I can!


HAPPILY AND MADLY by Alexis Bass is one of the only May ARCs that I didn’t get to last month, so I really want to read it as soon as possible and post my review within the next week. I have some high expectations for this book, and I hope it lives up to them! Thanks to Raincoast Books for sending me this ARC!


The next book I hope to read this month is TEETH IN THE MIST by Dawn Kurtagich. Out of all of the books on my TBR this month, I feel like this one is the one that I won’t read. This is a YA horror novel, and I have to be in a really specific mood to thoroughly enjoy a horror novel. However, I have heard fantastic things about this book, so I do hope to get through it at some point this month. Thanks to HBG Canada for the ARC!


I then hope to read THE GRIEF KEEPER by Alexandra Villasante. Can we take a moment to admire this beautiful cover?! It is truly breath-taking! This one sounds so interesting, and I am really looking forward to reading it. Thanks to Penguin Teen Canada for the ARC!


The next book I plan on reading this month is SCREEN QUEENS by Lori Goldstein. This book is my MOST ANTICIPATED book of 2019, and I am SOOOO excited to read it! I absolutely love books that are set around technology and tech competitions, so I am really looking forward to read this one! Thanks to Penguin Teen Canada for the ARC!


THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT by Misa Sugiura was a book that I was really excited to read, but I have not heard very great things about it (even though the Goodreads reviews are fantastic), so I am interested to see what I will think about it. Thanks to HCC Frenzy for providing me with an ARC (this one is from Frenzy Presents!)!


Next, I hope to read WE ARE THE PERFECT GIRL by Ariel Kaplan. This was the ARC I selected from the Penguin Teen Social ARC table, and I am quite excited to read it!


The last book I plan on reading is STAR-CROSSED by Minnie Darke. I received two copies of this book from Penguin Random House Canada, and gave one away on my Instagram (make sure you are following it so you know about all of my giveaways!), and I have heard some spectacular things about this one!


UNWRITTEN by Danny Knobler is my MLB Book Club June 2019 pick, and I plan on reading this one intermittently throughout the month!


Those are all of the books I plan on reading for the month of June! How many books are you planning to read this month?!

Good Night Book Owls!