In My Mailbox #16: Early Spring 2021 Releases

Welcome back to Reading, Reading, Reading!

Over the past few months, even though I wasn’t doing much reading or blogging, I still received some very exciting new Spring releases that have either just come out or are set to be released very soon!

The first book I received was ACCIDENTALLY ENGAGED by Farah Heron. This book came out in early March, and I have yet to read it. However, I am very excited to start it, as I have heard some great things about the characters and themes in this book! Thanks to HBG Canada for the ARC!

The next book I received was BROKEN (IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE) by Jenny Lawson. I have read a few of Lawson’s previous books, and I have really enjoyed them, so I am really looking forward to reading her newest book! Thanks to Raincoast Canada for this ARC! This book is already out, so be sure to get your copy if your a fan of Jenny Lawson’s books!

I then received THE MURDER GAME by Carrie Doyle, which came out in early April. I can’t remember the last time I read a YA thriller, but I am very intrigued by this story! Thanks to Raincoast Books for the ARC!

The next book I received was TOKYO EVER AFTER by Emiko Jean. One of my goals this year is to read books by a more diverse group of writers. I have heard a lot of phenomenal things about this book, and I plan on reading it very soon! Thanks to Raincoast Books for the ARC! This book comes out next week, so be sure to pre-order a copy if it intrigues you!

EVERY BODY SHINES, edited by Cassandra Newbould, is one of my most anticipated books of the year! I am a big activist for body positivity and body acceptance, so when I first heard of this new anthology, I was SO excited to read it! This anthology comes out on June 8, and I hope to have each story read and reviewed by that time! Thanks so much to Raincoast Books for the ARC!

The second to last book I received recently was SUCH A GOOD WIFE by Seraphina Nova Glass. Over the past few years, my highest read genre was mystery/thriller, although, this year I have barely read any of them! I hope to get my thriller read count up by starting this very novel! This book comes out on August 10, but I plan on reading it very soon. Thanks to Harper Collins Canada for sending me this ARC!

The final book I received recently is MISFIT IN LOVE by S.K. Ali. I read Ali’s 2019 publication and absolutely LOVED it, so I am very excited to read her newest book! This book is actually the sequel to SAINTS AND MISFITS which I have yet to read, but I plan on reading them both back-to-back soon! Thanks to Simon and Schuster Canada for sending me this ARC!

Those are all of the books I have received recently, which are also books I hope to read very soon! Thanks to all of the listed publishers for all of these great ARCs, and thanks to all of you for reading my posts!

Good Night Book Owls!

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